European Championships: do they matter or are they simply Glorified Friendlies?

9 Jun

Andrew Williams

So, the European Championships are here and in all honesty I’m not very excited. I don’t feel that same ‘buzz’ that I feel for the World Cup, a significant game in the premier league title race or fight to avoid relegation or even just a standard knockout game in the Champions league. All in all I’m not sure whether the European Championships actually matter that much or are they just glorified friendly games. 

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Euro 2012 Previews: Group B

7 Jun

Group B has been given the traditional clichéd title of “The Group of Death”. But who will come out on top in this titanic battle, and can Denmark even get a point? 

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Euro 2012 Previews: Group A

6 Jun

 With the co-hosts Poland being granted 1st seed status, this group never promised to shower us with fireworks.  Can the mecurial Russians turn the entertainment dials up? Or will this be forever known as the most uninspiring group ever? 

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Premier League: Gameweek 25 Preview

9 Feb

Rarely do weekends of football contain such a wide array of vital fixtures, but this is one of those weekends, with significant matches affecting both ends of the Premier League table. In what could be a surprising weekend, I attempt to predict the results for each match. Continue reading

Mourinho Not the Special One for Manchester United

8 Feb

Ollie Phelan


For years, Manchester United fans have sat on their high-horses, looking down at those petty clubs who change managers as regularly as Katie Price changes husbands. Even Arsenal occasionally suffer doubts over the long-standing Arsene Wenger. Yet, with Sir Alex Ferguson entering his 70th year, how much longer can these fans stay perched up high? To steal one of Ferguson’s most famous quotes, they could be knocked off their perch in the near future. As a line in French film La Haine goes, it isn’t the fall that matters, but the landing. What matters is which manager is chosen to replace arguably the greatest in footballing history.

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Telling the Future: 2011/12 Premier League Season Predicted

13 Aug

Ollie Phelan

Finally, after surviving a long summer devoid of football, the Premier League is back for its 20th edition. Last season will be remembered for the bravery and heroics of small Blackpool and for Manchester United’s record breaking 19th league title. But what will make this league season memorable? Here, I put my neck on the line and predict how the 2011/12 Premier League season will play out. Continue reading

New Beginnings

18 Jun

Following up on the Cesc Fabregas debate, Patrick Mather weighs in on Arsenal’s squad reconstruction, their dead-wood and a much-needed defensive signing. Continue reading